Sustainable, individual investment solutions for the German-speaking residential market are our specialty and proven core competence. Working closely with our institutional clients, we develop and implement customized investment concepts from A to Z including transaction and asset management. Having many years’ of expertise as an independent family office means we’re able to secure exclusive opportunities for reliable and attractive returns.

  • Prudence

    in the choice and having the right assets in focus means our investment solutions aren’t aimed at a “quick buck”, but rather based on rock solid calculations.

  • Partnership

    is more than just a word for us. We cultivate our carefully selected relationships holistically, dedicatedly and with a strategic, long-term oriented outlook.

  • Stability

    is a matter of course. We continuously build on our past successes with our clients using typically Swiss virtues as a solid foundation.


As real estate investors, we’re used to working responsibly with our own capital. As a consequence, not only has a particular prudence grown, but also a broad understanding of our investors’ concerns. In short, we speak the same language.

That means we do more than just do business with our investment partners. We see ourselves as advising and accompanying our investors holistically. We support our partners beyond the objective project level with strategic advice and comprehensive market expertise as a real estate investment company of and for professional investors.



One thing’s guaranteed: your money in our investment projects. Compared to similar high-yield investments, the investment risks are minimal. This is because we only take on projects that are built on a solid foundation, both literally and figuratively. Our work is characterised by thoroughness and reliability in the investment design and market analysis as well as in Asset and Transaction Management. Even if we wanted to do things differently, we couldn’t.

  • No asset management compromises!

    When it comes to asset management, we have our own solution. We think like owners do and, accordingly, behave prudently and sustainably. As an experienced full-service asset manager, we secure optimal yields from investments by implementing our investment concepts ourselves. This integrated, yet flexible, approach creates synergies and ensures successful investment.

  • Real estate is the core of our business!

    We maintain close relationships with the other players in the market. Our acquisition team has local knowledge about the relevant properties as well as access to exclusive opportunities. Our experience, extensive research and intimate knowledge of the market all come together in attractive deal sourcing. Together with us, our partners will benefit from excellent projects in economically strong and future-proof locations.

  • Experience and Competence

    We`re a one-stop shop for experience and competence whenever we assist our clients with transaction management. Our specialist real estate know-how is available for the valuation and acquisition of properties including thorough due diligence of course. We support our partners with all processes that are necessary and sensible for successful real estate investments because expertise does pay off.


Every investor is different and deserves a customized concept to achieve their investment objectives. Joint success requires a suitable product. Empira develops innovative investment concepts according to our clients’ individual needs. Our competence can satisfy every demand.


  • Funds

    We customize our fund solutions to the specific needs of our clients regardless of whether individual or mutual funds. Among other things, our clients’ special requirements, an ideal risk/reward ratio and corresponding fungibility are always at the forefront of our minds.

  • Project Development

    Land and project development are key areas of our investment activities. For and together with our institutional clients, we identify promising lots, sites and properties for profitable real estate projects. Their development and management take place in a one-stop shop full of experts.

  • Direct Investments

    It’s the unique market access which makes the difference. The Empira network recognises opportunities for direct investments before rewarding real estate is brought onto the market. Our investment focus is on real estate demonstrating below average performance or facing special situations however offering absolutely good yields by applying the right restructuring measures.

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