Investment focus

Hardly any other form of investment depends so significantly on a deep understanding of the core asset and market than real estate. Only those who understand the individual asset classes and are close to the market can generate sustainable values. When developing our investment strategies, we evaluate the interests of the investors and the specific market factors, in order to find the best solution according to the respective asset class and market cycle. Our investment focus on equity investments is mainly in residential and commercial real estate, though we are also active in land banking and development.


Positive perspectives in the future markets

Residential real estate is characterised by its solid and stable value growth, while at the same possessing a low risk profile – this applies in particular to the DACH region, where values were significantly less volatile over the most recent market cycles than in other usage types. The positive outlook due to factors such as increasing demand for new living spaces, the increasing number of single households and new forms of living make residential real estate an attractive long-term investment class. Through specific analysis of regional factors and dedicated knowledge of local markets, we identify suitable investment properties. By selecting promising regions and locations in conjunction with in-depth property know-how, we ensure return-optimised investments with positive perspectives.

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Success with the right sector and tenant mix

Office, retail – commercial real estate requires an in-depth knowledge of the respective markets and awareness concerning the key success factors of the individual commercial sector. Our commercial team has many years of experience in this sector. We develop optimal positioning strategies for the subject properties through detailed analyses of the strengths and weaknesses and local conditions. Anchor tenants are managed by us directly; we align the sector and tenant mix with the requirements of the sub-sector and ensure that the property successfully serves the key demands of the rental market. We have many years of experience in the management of challenging properties, both in office and retail real estate and thus ensure positive value growth of the properties.

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Land banking

Creating value in urban areas

Rising urbanisation and the increasing number of inhabitants and households in metropolitan areas has allowed the redevelopment of existing spaces into new residential areas to gain in significance. In addition to the possible increase in density of existing residential areas, changing the use of areas previously used differently offers enormous development potential. In addition to greenfield sites in urban peripheries, this also includes brownfield sites in former commercial and industrial areas. Our team of experts identify the potential of the relevant areas regarding planning law, building restrictions and technical issues. In the case of positive development prospects, we conduct the transaction, process it and begin the complex process of procuring planning consent. Due to the sometimes significant differences in value of investments in the various planning phases, investments in land banking offer a high potential for value enhancement at an appropriate risk.

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Property development for long-term value creation

In addition to the development of greenfield land and brownfield sites, development is one of the segments with the highest potential returns. Furthermore, in markets with the high demand and limited supply, it also offers the opportunity to circumvent bottlenecks on the supply side and profit directly during the earlier phases of value creation. Our established network guarantees us a continuous inflow of sites and projects, and our experienced team ensures the commercial viability of schemes on the basis of sound market analyses and guarantees the efficient use of available opportunities. When managing the planning and construction process, we rely on our extensive experience and cooperation with local best practice partners.

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