Environment, Social, Governance

"ESG" - Environment, Social, Governance - has firmly established itself as an internationally used abbreviation for sustainability issues in the corporate world and enjoys a high level of acceptance - particularly in the financial and real estate sectors.

Compliance with ESG criteria means that both ecological and social aspects as well as the type of corporate management are taken into account in entrepreneurial decisions and practices as well as in company analyses and ratings. The subject of ESG has already established itself in the investment processes of numerous investors.

Global challenges such as climate change, scarcity of raw materials, demographic developments and increasing environmental pollution call for a social and ecological rethink.

Sustainable management means both socially and ecologically responsible and economically successful long-term action. Today it is an indispensable factor to be and remain competitive. The inclusion of ecological, social and governance criteria (ESG criteria) is therefore also playing an increasingly important role in real estate investment and management. As the leading investment manager in the DACH region, EMPIRA considers itself responsible to all its stakeholders for defining a detailed ESG concept, implementing effective measures and implementing them with the greatest commitment.

Sustainable future - Our vision and contribution

  • Investments and creation of energy-efficient and optimised buildings
  • Active integration of ESG aspects into our decision-making processes and asset management
  • Consideration of the social change of society and its challenges already during the development of our properties
  • Cooperation with existing and potential tenants and residents in order to optimise the living and working spaces in the long term.

Implementation of ESG criteria

EMPIRA is aware of the importance of ESG principles and is convinced that by implementing ESG criteria in all processes Empira will be able to make its business activities even more sustainable, efficient and successful for investors in the long term.

EMPIRA has set itself the following goals by implementing the ESG criteria:

  • Creation of a responsible and sustainable corporate culture
  • Improving performance through sustainable investing
  • Taking on a pioneering role in the real estate industry with regard to ESG standards
  • Responsible interaction with society, the environment and investors