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Residential construction in germany's top 7 cities development, differentation, outlook

The Empira Group develops innovative products in the fields of real estate investment and real estate financing across the entire D-A-CH region. In its latest study, the investment manager analyzed residential construction activity across the German Top 7 real estate markets. Over the span of 10 years, the report tracks changes of multiple factors relating to scarcity of residential space and the resulting investment potential for developers.

The study, authored by Professor Dr. Steffen Metzner, Head of Research of the Empira Group, does not find conclusive evidence for a general undersupply with residential space in Germany as a whole. Several of the indicators under consideration, however, demonstrate that the Top 7 markets are witnessing an increasing scarcity of residential space. A ranking of the Top 7 cities – based on a nuanced comparison of indicators relating to the development in demand, existing housing stock and construction activity – shows that Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich offer the most attractive environment for residential development, while Hamburg and Cologne portray the least striking indicators for scarcity in residential space.

The complete results and further information regarding this topic can be found in the new research report

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